The universe of "Fade to Silver" could very easily be the world we all know. Earth remains the same . . . almost. There are differences and add to these the people and places of the supernatural and things get a little complicated.

Below are links to everything you need to known about the "Fade to Silver" universe. From races to languages, weapons to abilities this section guides you through to a greater knowledge of the universe Akira is a part of.

Believe it or not, "Fade to Silver" came about entirely due to a song.

This universe isn't just about Earth. A guide to the many different places in "Fade to Silver".

Other than boring ol' humans, "Fade to Silver" has many different races. This section goes in depth into everything from history, to culture to abilities.

"Fade to Silver" doesn't just use English. A list of the most commonly used words and phrases and their translations.

A list with illustrations and descriptions of the different weapons and attacks used in "Fade to Silver".

Sketches, concept designs and storyboards.