The main aim of this site, other than a place to publish, is to allow readers to become more involved. It is not juse about reading the chapters and looking at the artwork, but watching the process of creating "Fade to Silver" . . . even contributing !

Here is a place for you to offer constructive criticism, suggestions and comments on the site and the chapters. Everyone is welcome but be warned: Flamers will not be tolerated !!!

This is a place filled with everything that comes before the final chapter is released. Drafts, notes, magazine clippings, websites, sketches . . . everything that goes into making "Fade to Silver". Consider it a behind the scenes look into the creative process.

Sometimes characters really do take on a life of their own. Here you'll find the characters personal livejournals, their thoughts, their words. Feel free to comment and ask them questions . . . though . . . I can guarantee what kind of reply you might get !